Do you want to be a pilot for a while?

Take the chance to try out one of our simulators.

You could fly in two types of small aircraft simulator which can take two people flying together. There are also 2 Viggen simulators, which each take a single pilot.

They all start off from Säve airport and then fly over Gothenburg, or you can practice taking off and landing on the airfield. Anyone of any age can fly them. You don’t need to have had any previous flying experience.

The price is 50 kronor for 15 minutes.


  • Bulldog (Small 2-seater)
  • Comanche (Small 2-seater)
  • Viggen 37 (Jet fighter)
  • HAS 37 Viggen (Jet fighter)
  • Superviggen (Jet fighter) Note 30 minutes flight time 150 SEK
  • Airbus 300 (Passenger Aircraft) Note 30 minutes flight time 300 SEK

HAS 37 Viggen is a simulator specially for the handicapped. All types of wheelchair and mobility vehicles can be driven right into the cockpit.

Model flight simulator
Test your ability to fly a model aircraft or model helicopter in front of a realistic simulator display!
This also good practice before purchasing and flying an expensive model outdoors.