Since the spring of 1999, the Aeroseum Foundation has been committed to preserving the Swedish Royal Air Force bunkers located at Säve Depot, next to Göteborg City airport. As part of 'Göteborg – city of events' a centre for experiencing living aviation will come to life – Aeroseum.


The site consists of two rock shelters, one measuring 8,000 square metres and one of 22,000 sqm. The larger, home of the Aeroseum, was built in the early 1950s is nearly 30 metres below ground. Both were built as protective hangars for the contemporary Göta Wing (F 9) of the Royal Swedish Air Force. As the site is
part of the national cultural heritage it is pending a cultural memorial status.

All the central and local authorities affected have been briefed on the activities planned. The Swedish Defence Ministry is positive to Aeroseum and handed over the greater hangar on January 1st, 2003, and contribute with a one-of payment.

Since January 1, 2008, Aeroseum is part of a national network called Swedish Military Heritage. This means that the National Defence Museum gives us economical and other support.


This cultural site will show the history and development of aviation from Icarus to contemporary fixed and rotary wing flight, civilian and military, Swedish and international.

Aeroseum aims to provide a centre for experiencing flying, so you can enjoy the atmosphere and feel of aircraft with all your senses.

As well as being able to see the exhibits, visitors may also build, help restore, take virtual flights or an actual flight in classic planes and helicopters. In the natural beauty above the bunker a flight-themed knowledge park will be constructed.

All exhibits will be presented in an modern educational format to stimulate curiosity and encourage experimentation. We want to awaken children's interest in Technology and the Natural Sciences and here they can study how theory is translated into practice. Aeroseum is already actively participating with many educational services.


Corporations, authorities and societies can entertain customers, employees or members with a variety of activities. (See Events & Conference)

Aeroseum will offer memorable experiences not previously accessible to the public, among other things, flights in classic aeroplanes and helicopters

We are convinced that Aeroseum will grow to be a major tourist attraction, not only locally and regionally, but also on a national and international level.

We welcome donations, sponsors and business partners interested in participation and in assisting in the preservation and conservation, the presentation, development and vitalization, of making lifelike this global cultural aviation heritage. (More on Sponsorship)


Impression of Aeroseum rock hangar / Perssons Pixlar

Illustration of the rock hangar with current and planned exhibitions (click on the image).

SAAB 37 Viggen in Aeroseum / Daniel Karlsson
Vigggen fighter inside the underground hangar.

List of aircraft currently at the Aeroseum


Preserving ex-military subterranean aircraft hangars in original condition in light of the historical value to the nation

Maintaining and exhibiting the History of Flight, the development from Icarus forwards till today's aircraft, civilian as well as military, Swedish and international

Attracting and inspiring interest for the history and development of Technology

Collaborating with schools to stimulate an interest in Technology by children and adolescents

Creating an aviation-themed, subterranean centre of experience in 'Gothenburg - city of events'

Acting as a base to renovate and fly any type of aircraft

To create a unique aviation centre

Artists impression of possible exteriors / Perssons Pixlar
Artist's impression of an Aviation Theme Park on top of the rock - see also animated illustration (Flash).

The Italian fighter J 11 CR 42 at Säve 1943

The first rock shelter at Royal Göta Air Wing, F 9 Säve, was completed in 1942. This is probably the world's oldest of its kind. The picture from 1943 shows the Italian-built fighter Fiat CR 42.

  SAAB J 29 Flying Barrel at the new Säve bunker in 1958

The nuclear threat of the Cold War forced the new and much bigger hangar even deeper under the surface. These SAAB J 29 "Flying Barrels" were pictured in 1958, three years after completion of the hangar.


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