Airborne Visitors

Did you know that from now on you would be welcome at the Aeroseum, Gothenburg, as an Airborne Visitor!

The Aeroseum is an aviation experience centre in what used to be an underground hangar dating from the Cold War! Inside the hangar, 27 metres underground, there is a 22 000 m2 exhibition space. Here you will find both military and civil aircraft and helicopters, some of which are airworthy! There are also several fascinating informative displays with different themes, such as ”The Cold War”, ”Police Aviation”, the STASI (East German Secret Police)”, etc.

If you’ve had enough of flying your own aircraft for a while, we have a number of simulators to offer, from a Piper Comanche and Viggen to an Airbus 300!

The Aeroseum is a completely unique experience, without equal in Europe! Another feature of the Aeroseum is that you can park your aircraft lierally outside the door! It’s just a short walk from the Aeroseum apron to the underground hangar entrance.

If you find that one day inside the Aeroseum is not enough to fulfil your curiosity, you are welcome to stay overnight in our self-catering hostel, next door to the Aeroseum!

To visit Säve airfield and the Aeroseum a PPR Prior Permission Required) (031-55 23 10) call is required and you must report that your arrival is in respect of a visit to the Aeroseum, among other things to receive the appropriate taxying instructions.

The landing fee is 200 SEK (including VAT) for visiting the Aeroseum, to be paid at the café cash desk down inside the Aeroseum, along with any other payments associated with the visit.

There is free aircraft parking for the day during a visit, as long as there is enough room! If the visit extends to an overnight stay in the Aeroseum hostel, aircraft parking is 50 SEK.

You can find the prices and opening times for the Aeroseum here and the overnight stay prices here.

Aircraft refuelling facilities are located at the refuelling station to the west of runway 01/19. Contact Säve airfield, ESGP. Information concerning ESGP is in AIP SUP here.

There is access to aircraft servicing at Säve airfield; if your aircraft has a problem, contact the flight mechanic, Troels Hansen (mobile phone 0735‑03 79 07),

For more information and booking please contact us at or 031-558300.

Welcome to us at the Aeroseum, as an Airborne Visitor!